About Lucy


I’m Lucy. I was born in 1990 in Sutton Coldfield. I lived with my Mum and Dad until I was 20. 

I had a happy childhood I was into everything other girls my age were into, things started to go downhill when I was 13-14 I started to get bullied nearly every day at school which affected my attendance and my mood so I was referred to a psychiatrist who after an assessment diagnosed me with autism spectrum disorder (mild) and dyspraxia. I was referred to another psychiatrist nearer to where I lived and the 2 psychiatrists their also said I was autistic mildly and that I needed to go to a special college when I left school at 16 . I found the diagnosis hard to deal with and I wanted to be like everybody else at school, I had dreams of going to college, getting a paid job and owning my own property but that all I thought would never happen to me now i had a learning disability. 

I went to special college in Harborne for students from the age of 16 with disabilities or visual impairment. I did BTEC Art and Design, i enjoyed it as a day student and then when I was 18 I decided I would go residential to get independent and not rely on my parents as much but then I realised it was a mistake from day one I missed everything about home and I found the atmosphere their in the house hard to deal with it was noisy and crowded I was moved to a quieter house next door but I felt i wasn’t understood. I began to think of ending everything and I started to feel very low, I began to not eat and began to self harm myself on my arms and hands. My GP at home referred me to a learning disability psychiatrist and put me on anti depressants and also sleeping medication. I got out of being residential after 1 overdose. I didn’t improve I continued to starve myself until the point i was nearly under 7 stone at 5ft 6  and I continued to cut and scratch myself. I left the college in July 2010 I did gain qualifications and had friends but I was worse than when I started.

7 months after i left college I was admitted in a learning disability hospital due to my moods and self harming, I went in on my own terms but later sectioned due to not sticking to the rules. I found it difficult. I left on an informal status but it took 18 months. I made a friend for life in their Luke who had his problems but he’s doing well for himself now. Whilst in hospital the staff their and the doctors decided I would be not returning to ‘home’ I would be living in supported living. 

August 2012 I moved into supported living I shared with 2 ladies on 2 different occasions — it didn’t work out, they were completely different to me. I now live with support staff on my own in a flat which is in my name on the tenancy. I am happier living with no clients I have gained confidence, i do more for myself independently and I know longer hurt myself every single day. I do activities i enjoy and have made friends outside my care provider.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Lucy x